Our fees include a combination of fixed fees and hourly rates.  Estate planning document drafting is often charged at a flat fee, while probate and guardianship matters are charged at an hourly rate.   

Estate planning:  Estate plan can be either will-based or trust-based.  For a single person, a will-based plan starts at $900 while a trust-based plan starts at $3,300.   Regardless of the types of the plan, a complete set of estate planning document includes medical power of attorney, HIPAA authorization, directives to physicians and family or surrogates, financial power of attorney, declaration of guardian, and funeral instructions.   All of these documents are included in the fee quoted above.  As we emphasize to our clients, the value of our service is not in the papers that we generate. Rather, the value lies in the well-thought-out legal advice and individually tailored planning that we offer to our clients.  Whether your goal is probate avoidance, asset protection, succession planning of foreign assets or minimization of taxes, we would have a plan that meet your needs to the fullest extent.

Probate and guardianship: Due to the wide range of complexity in these types of cases, it is impossible to quote a set fee.  All probate and guardianship matters are charged at our current hourly rate, which starts at $300/h and may go up based on the complexity of the case.   A retainer is required before we start any work.